Residential quarter in the centre of Riga has ridgepole celebration

The residential quarter Lofts&Rosegold, which is situated in the centre of Riga at Strēlnieku Street 8, had its ridgepole celebration, marking a symbolic moment, when the major construction works are completed. The project developer is R.EVOLUTION, and the construction works are performed by the general partnership “LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership”.

In honour of the moment of completion of the most voluminous construction works the new 7-storey building is now decorated by a ridgepole wreath. Grateful to all workers involved in the project for their work, representatives of the project developer and constructors participated at the solemn event of ridgepole celebration. 

“Ridgepole celebration marks a significant stage of development in construction, when the building reaches its highest point. By now, we have completed concreting of the frame of the new 7-storey apartment building. Also covering of the building facade with aerated concrete blocks and construction of partition walls of apartments is approaching the end. Soon we will commence assembly of windows and internal engineering networks, as well as construction of the roof. Already in late February we plan to start installation of bearing aluminium systems and glazing of the facade. Whereas construction of the roof of the historic 4-storey building is already completed, windows are installed and currently preliminary works for assembly of internal engineering networks are implemented,” the construction processes completed so far and scheduled in the future are listed by Sergejs Komarovs, the supervisor of construction works of the general partnership “LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership”.

Aleksejs Zagrebeļnijs, the Chairman of the Board of the real estate developer R.EVOLUTION, is thankful to all construction workers for their work and strictly observed schedule. “The construction works of the project Lofts&Rosegold were started in January 2018. The most important stage of construction is successfully completed; however, the future works on the facade finish with Argeton ceramic element modules, manufactured in Germany, are not less important. The common use premises will be designed according to the philosophy of Lofts&Rosegold, paying particular attention to the quality of projects implemented by R.EVOLUTION and comfort and peace requirements of residents. The developer emphasizes, that sales of apartments will be started in September, and currently already 20% of apartments are reserved.

The project Lofts&Rosegold is located in Riga, Strēlnieku Street 8, in a well-facilitated territory with area 3,955 m2, and it consists of two buildings – the new 7-storey apartment building and 4-storey architectural monument. The new building has 75 apartments with area from 50.2 m2 to 171.4 m2, situated on floors 2-7. The 1st floor of the building will be intended for commercial spaces. In the historic building, several concepts for use of the premises are planned: loft type apartments or commercial premises. The lobby-hall of the building with area 220 m2 and ceiling height 4.20 m will become the heart of Lofts&Rosegold project and embodiment of “hygge” life philosophy. Currently, it is estimated, that the project will be put into operation already in early 2020. The project is developed by LLC “Arhis arhitekti”, managed by the famous architect Andris Kronbergs.