Residential block Lofts&Rosegold is under way in the historic center of Riga on Strelnieku Street

The festive capsule ceremony at the residential block Lofts&Rosegold at 8 Strelnieku Street gathered project authors, constructors, and investors. The project’s general contractor is JSC “LNK Industries”, but the project is developed by company “R.Evolution City” which announced the commencement of sales.

The historic Manège building on Strelnieku Street will be carefully restored with a completely new residential building alongside, together creating residential block Lofts&Rosegold. Company (developer) “R.Evolution City” informs about finalization of the “zero cycle” of multi-functional residential block Lofts&Rosegold. The block includes the Neo-Renaissance architecture monument to be renovated and the new apartment building.

Project Lofts&Rosegold is located at 8 Strelnieku Street in a well-organized territory with overall area of 3,955 square meter. The project consists of two buildings: new seven-story apartment building and four-story architecture monument. The new building holds 75 apartments with area of 50.2-171.4 m2 (located on second to seventh floor). On the ground floor, there will be commercial premises. The historic building is to be used for multitude of purposes: Loft-type apartments or commercial premises. The building’s lobby with overall area of 220 m2 and 4.20-metre high ceilings becomes the very heart of Lofts&Rosegold and an embodiment of hygge life philosophy.

The investments in Lofts&Rosegold amount to 19 million euros. As of now, it is estimated that the project will be put into operation at the beginning of 2020. The project was developed by LLC “Arhis arhitekti” with their team being led by famous architect Andris Kronbergs.


Aleksejs Zagrebeļnijs, the Chairman of the Board of the developer “R.Evolution City”, stresses that the company developed its own approach to the project: well-though-out concept was merged with strict requirements for technical solutions, paying special attention to the comfort and peace needs of residents. The constructor notes that all Lofts&Rosegold’s technical parameters, heating and energy supply solutions exceed the construction requirements of the European Union and comply with the highest safety demands. E.g. the façade of the new building will be made of an especially resistant ceramic material with great self-cleaning properties.


Jevgenijs Locovs, a Board Member of JSC “LNK Industries”, emphasizes the importance of the project in development of Riga urban environment. He also believes that the construction stage will run smoothly: “We are glad that LNK Industries was chosen to be the general contractor for this site. There are no doubts in my mind that new projects contribute to the growth of the city, strengthen its image and facilitate interest from potential investors. We enjoy the way how Riga Quiet Center develops and are truly happy that we were entrusted with the task to construct Lofts&Rosegold complex. The experience of LNK Industries in civil engineering, including in the historic center of Riga, is an extra assurance that rather soon locals and visitors of this city will enjoy buildings that are built according to the highest architectural and construction quality standards. This will be a place where historic values go hand in hand with innovative 21st century solutions.”

Residential block Lofts&Rosegold is a great example of merger of two different architectural masterpieces where the historic building is the crown jewel, but the new building encompasses the block in splendid rose gold allowing to enjoy the beauty of Lofts.

“When striving to crate modern architecture image which in future can become 21st century architecture monuments, we treat the city’s history with extra care; therefore, we made a decision to preserve the Lofts building’s historic appearance included in the UNESCO register of heritage. The Lofts building with its brick façade with pilasters, semicircular arch windows from floor to ceilings, and decorative niches – and apartment ceilings up to 5 and 6 meter – will become the sole living premises in Riga Quiet Centre where people can live in loft-style in its purest form. But the new apartment building Rosegold will be a true embodiment of hygge way of living; therefore, we chose warm rose gold which helps to discover the mystical properties of stone,” tells architect Andris Kronbergs, the author of the project’s concept.