The first renovated part of the Mezaparks Large Stage was opened in a festive ceremony

The first renovated part of the Mezaparks Large Stage which included construction of a new viewers’ area was opened in a festive ceremony.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Culture Dace Melbarde, the Chairman of the Riga City Council Nils Ushakovs, the Deputy Chairman of the Riga City Council Andris Ameriks, the Chairman of the City Property Committee of the Riga City Council Oļegs Burovs, the Architects Juris Poga and Austris Mailitis, the Director of the Latvian National Cultural Centre Signe Pujate, the Chairman of SIA RERE Buve Board Valdis Koks, the Member of AS LNK Industries Board Jevgenijs Locovs, the Chairman of the Board of SIA Rīgas Meži Aivars Taurinsh, the Honorary Conductors of the Song Festival and the representatives of other institutions involved in this voluminous project.

“The Mezhaparks Stage is not a simple site. It is a place of power and national rituals with a sensation of incredible unity. I am therefore very grateful to the builders for the responsible approach. When the building is finished, Latvians traditionally invite their friends and neighbours to the welcoming event. We can say for sure that no other welcoming event has ever had such a large number of guests - 16,500 singers and more than 200 dancers will gather here in just two weeks, while a total of 80,000 viewers in all concerts will be able to enjoy this special event in person,” stated the Minister of Culture Dace Melbarde at the festive ceremony.

The Chairman of the Riga City Council Nils Ushakovs emphasised that this project is an example of good cooperation between the State, local government and the builders. "Even though we have a special event today, only the first phase of the stage has been completed, and it is important to continue the work,” pointed out N. Ushakovs.

The first phase was put into operation on June 7, which was by approximately 11 days earlier than set deadlines.

After the renovation, the fenced area of the Mezhaparks Stage is planned to be by approximately 50,000 square meters larger than now, with the area reaching 146,430 square metres. The choir stands for the XXVI General Latvian Song and XVI Dance Festival with the temporary wooden stands will be expanded by 2,292 singer places, thus ensuring a place for a total of almost 10,000 choir singers. In turn, the new space of the viewers’ area is 22,197 square meters, ensuring seats for 30,557 viewers instead of the present 23,000 seats.

The agreement on the first renovation phase work of the Mezhaparks Large Stage, prescribing construction of the new viewers’ area was signed on 20 April 2017. Renovation work based on the order of the Property Department of the Riga City Council was performed by the general partnership "LNK, RERE".