Ridgepole Celebration Takes Place at the Daugava Stadium

The ridgepole celebration takes place at the "Daugava Stadium" Culture and Sports Centre, marking a symbolic moment of completion of the largest construction works in the process of reconstruction of the Western stand and construction of new stands. The reconstruction, which is carried out by PS LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership, will be completed by May 15 to ensure holding of one of the most spectacular events in honour of Centennial of Latvia – the XXVI General Latvian Song and the XVI Dance Festival at the Daugava Stadium this July.

Currently, the reconstruction of the Western stand and the construction of the new Northern and Southern stands is about to be finished. As a result of the Daugava Stadium reconstruction, the number of spectator seats will be significantly increased, exceeding 10 000 seats in total. Extensive reconstruction of the external engineering networks and restoration of the lighting poles has been performed and a new LED scoreboard has been installed. Interior premises of the Western stands have been fully reconstructed, ensuring comprehensive training processes and opportunities for organising international tournaments for athletes, football players and active people interested in physical activities. The new layout of the premises includes several training halls, a fitness facility, conference and VIP premises, physiotherapy, doping control rooms and a recreation area. For the first time in the history of the Daugava Stadium, an elevator is provided, to ensure access to the top stands for handicapped persons, mothers with baby strollers and elderly people. Special attention is devoted to handicapped people, ensuring their free movement inside the internal premises and in the entire outdoor area of the Daugava Stadium.

Due to modern construction possibilities, the elevated structure of the Southern and Northern stands will allow visitors to move freely beneath the stands, thus significantly facilitating the process of holding cultural and sporting events. Several thousand participants of the Song and Dance Festival will be able to get in and out of the central stadium area promptly. The elevated stands will create ideal visibility for the stadium spectators. By now, all required approvals have been received from the institutions supervising the construction process to put into operation Western, Northern and Southern stands on May 15. Alongside with the final construction works, the area improvement works and cleaning up of the site are continuing.

The Daugava Stadium team extends its gratitude to all specialists involved in the construction process – builders, designers, construction supervisors, installers of systems and other specialists for the huge work performed by them in order to reconstruct the stands fully within just 13 months!

The agreement on development of construction design, performance of construction works and author's supervision was concluded with PS "LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership" in August 2016, and, following completion of the construction design, the wide-scale reconstruction works were started in April 2017.

The reconstruction is performed within the framework of the project "Creating the Cultural and Sports Centre Quarter in the Grizinkalns Area" (ID No. The reconstruction of the Rietumu stand is only the first stage of the project. Next stages include reconstruction of the central field lawn, the run tracks and the athletics sector, as well as construction of an ice hall, an athletics arena, a multifunctional hall, park&ride and private investment objects.

The project is implemented by the State Limited Liability Company "Daugava Stadium" Cultural and Sports Centre, in cooperation with the Transport Department of Riga City Council. The project is financed from the available ERDF funds in the amount of EUR 37 550 530, with co-funding from the state budget of EUR 5 559 179, from the municipality of EUR 1 500 000, additional funding of the state budget of EUR 1 080 605 and private co-funding of EUR 1 729 004.