LNK Industries finishes construction of a rainwater collection and storage system on New Hanza territory

The first phase of infrastructure construction works was completed in the upcoming business and recreation area - New Hanza, where AS LNK Industries carried out the construction of a rainwater collection and storage system.

Unique rainwater collection and storage system, including large water reservoir, is one of the largest structures in the first phase. The system includes a high-capacity pump station for collecting rainwater and its gradual drainage into city's sewerage system. The pump station complex will ensure that even the strongest rainstorms will not form large puddles. Construction works included both the construction of the pump station complex and construction of the building’s footing and the floor slab. Hydroelectric construction project of such a volume, which was carried out by AS LNK Industries, was implemented in Latvia for the first time. Complex engineering geological conditions and high groundwater were a major challenge in the implementation of construction works.

The water reservoir has a capacity of 13,000 m3 - about 5 Kipsala swimming pools - or 13 million litres, for the creation of it, a total of 424 piles were immersed at a depth of 24 meters. It is planned that the objects constructed within the framework of the 1st infrastructure stage will be put into operation by October this year.

AS LNK Industries started construction works in the New Hanza area in July 2016 and total costs amounted to EUR 8.4 million. SIA Pillar Contractor performed the project’s general contractor functions, but construction supervision within the framework of the project was provided by SIA "Aqua-Brambis". At present, testing and checking of systems is underway with the aim of putting into operation the constructed volume by the end of 2017.

The New Hanza is built on an area of 24.5 hectares, and besides offices and residential buildings, a hotel, a preschool educational institution, as well as a Contemporary Art Museum and a city garden with a large area of greenery for recreation in the centre are planned to be built.