Rafter Event in River Breeze Residence, a Residential Building in Riga on the Left Bank of the Daugava River. Constructed by A/S “LNK Industries”

The new residential building River Breeze Residence in Riga’s Klīversala, where the construction work was performed by A/S “LNK Industries”, is celebrating its rafter event today. This is a symbolic celebration marking the finalisation of the major part of construction work. The building is scheduled for commissioning for use at the end of this year. This will be a 48-apartment residential building, and currently 11 preliminary apartment purchase agreements have already been signed. The total investment amount is about EUR 20 million.

River Breeze Residence at 28 Kuģu Street is the first building of the Klīversala Quarter development project in Riga. The project is implemented by SIA “Klīversala”, a daughter company of A/S “Pro Kapital Latvia”, while the construction work is carried out by A/S “LNK Industries”.

Jevgenijs Locovs, a management board member of A/S “LNK Industries”, says: "We are very pleased how Klīversala is developing, and we are proud that it was us, A/S “LNK Industries”, who were entrusted with the construction work on the first building in this quarter. It was only a year ago when we signed the contract for the construction of a new apartment building here in Klīversala. And today we are already able to see the shape of the building and celebrate the rafter event. At the place where the structure is, at the initial stage of construction there was a 7-8 m deep excavation. The building consumed nearly 7.5 thousand m3 of concrete. All this was accomplished thanks to about 200 builders working on the building site on a daily basis. We are proud that the experienced global investor selected exactly us as the general contractor for this object. Therefore, this is a celebration for all of us – the builders, investor, apartment owners and citizens – when we can express our appreciations to each other for what has been accomplished.”

Paolo Michelozzi, chairman of the management board, Pro Kapital Latvia: “It makes us happy to see how well River Breeze residence integrates itself into the silhouette of the left bank of the Daugava River and contributes to the dynamic image of Riga. This is the first building in the Klīversala Quarter development project. Being aware of the role of Klīversala in the context of the urban environment of Riga, we shall proceed with the development of this area with great respect. At this moment we would like to say our special thanks to architect Ventis Didrihsons and the builders, “LNK Industries”, who support the implementation of our intentions.”

The total area of River Breeze Residence is 12,850 square metres; it has 7 storeys above ground and 2 underground storeys (car parks) as well as panoramic elevators. There will be 48 apartments with floor space from 56 m2 to 316 m2. Each apartment has its own terrace and individually adjustable energy-efficient ventilation. Apartments on the top come with built-in fireplaces, whereas the lower apartments can have them built as an option. The apartments on the ground floor are designed as a town-house on two levels and with a private outdoor area, thereby giving a feeling of a family house in the very centre of Riga City.


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