This Year, LNK Industries is Participating in the Christmas Tree Trail Spatial Object Festival With a new Object

This year, at the crossing of Brivibas Boulevard and Elizabetes Street, LNK Industries JSC will participate with a new spatial object Snow Globe, which can be seen from the 8th of January 2017 together with the Alley of Light within the framework of the 7th Christmas Tree Trail spatial object festival.

The Snow Globe spatial object, whose author is the artist Didzis Jaunzems, is made up of three geodesic structure spheres with different diameters. The outer sphere, which is 6 meters in diameter, serves as an openwork partially load-bearing frame. The middle sphere's frame is coated with a semi-transparent plastic cover, while the inside of the inner sphere is dynamically illuminated and ornamented with fragments of works of the artist Kristine Luize Avotina.

The Snow Globe spatial object forms an expressive and colourful art installation, which, together with the dynamic light bars of the Brivibas Boulevard alley, will bring joy to every passer-by during this darkest time of the year. A total of 1100 bulbs that change the colour scale in certain periods of time, and which are produced in Latvia, are used in the 300-meter-long Alley of Light.

LNK Industries JSC is participating in the Christmas Tree Trail spatial object festival for the third consecutive year and presents Christmas spatial objects to residents of Riga and city guests while cooperating with various artists and ArkiLED LLC, which develops and implements the technical execution of decoration and illumination of the Alley.