Restoration of the Facade of the Riga Secondary School No.6 Building has Been Completed

 LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership” General Partnership has completed simplified selective restoration of the facade and indoor premises of the 6th Riga’s Secondary School situated at 102 Aleksandra Caka Street, Riga.

The facade of the 4-storied school building has been restored in area of 4000 m2. Tin elements and gutters of the rainwater drainage system were replaced, and in the inner part of the building a home economics classrooms for girls were completely restored. The premises were overhauled, restoring ceilings, floors and walls, new equipment required for home economics classes was installed as well. In addition, a new rainwater drainage system was built, extending from the school until the main pipe of the municipal sewage. A paved walkway was made around the perimeter of the building at a distance of 1 m from the facade. One of the functions of this walkway is to divert rainwater, at the same time protecting the facade. During reconstruction, new plastering of the building was as much as possible adapted to the historical plastering, taking into account its structure, colour and texture.

The school was built in 1951, and Alfreds Pupols was the architect of the building.  Later, in 80s and 90s of the 20th century, the building was reconstructed - another sports gym, reading room, classrooms and school museum were built.  

Building has been restored by “LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership” GP in accordance with the order placed by the Property Department of the Riga City Council; total cost of the project is EUR 282,947.10.