Sports and Active Recreation Square of the Riga Secondary School No. 84 is Now Open

The sports and active recreation square of the Riga Secondary School No. 84 (141 Lielvardes Street) was ceremoniously opened with various sports and attractive activities. The LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership General Partnership performed the construction works on the order of the Riga City Council’s Property Department, and the improvement costs amounted to 2,766,010.74 euros (including VAT).

Visitors of the event, together with athletes, were able to participate in football, basketball, volleyball, floorball and track-and-field exercises. Children, accompanied by their favourite fairy-tale heroes, got acquainted with the new playground, and the children's parents and grandparents had the opportunity to try out modern outdoor exercise units.

The LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership GP began the large-scale construction works on the territory of the Riga Secondary School No. 84, during which the sports complex and  various active recreation squares were constructed, in May of this year. Squares for skating, basketball, football, volleyball and tennis were improved and equipped. There is also a special square for street gymnastics. The territory is fenced and has paved squares, benches, as well as tracks for both pedestrians and roller skaters. In the night-time the territory will be illuminated.

The total area of improvement works performed by the LNK INDUSTRIES Partnership GP was 56,000 m2, the volume of poured top soil was 5,644.46 m3, greening was performed and a lawn was sown in the area of 30,103.80 m2, stone-block pavement was laid in the area of 7,570 m2, sand in the volume of 5.50 m3 was poured for the long jump pit. The area of each arranged multifunctional sports square is 608 m2 (3 squares in total), the area of the long jump sector is 271.30 m2, and the area of the renovated children's playgrounds is 3,100 m2. A 520-meter long bicycle track, which is also suitable for roller skaters, was improved, while the total length of the improved tracks in the park is 1,460 m.

Children and adolescents shall be subsequently able to fully indulge in sporting activities in the improved school surroundings not only during school sports classes, but also in their free time.