LNK Industries and LATVIJAS TILTI Receive Awards and Recognitions in the Competition “Grand Award in Construction Industry”

The recipients of the highest award in the construction industry—„Grand Award in Construction Industry”—engineers, architects, project managers and teaching staff were honoured at the solemn ceremony in the National Library of Latvia.

The award is a gratitude of the industry and all of the society of Latvia expressed to the best builders in Latvia. „Grand Award in Construction Industry” was awarded in two categories: „Lifetime Contribution to the Construction Industry” and „Engineer/Architect of the Year”, which includes nominations „Engineer of the Year”, „Architect of the Year”, „New Architect of the Year” and „New Engineer of the Year”. Twelve winners received the main award—“The Foundation Stone”—as well as other significant awards.

The award in category „Engineer/Architect of the Year” was received by the Member of the Board of „LATVIJAS TILTI” JSC, Chief Engineer—Project Manager Andrejs Bockarjovs. The Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development Kaspars Gerhards presented the award. In turn, the Vice President of the Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers Vincentas Stragus presented him the special award of the Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers.

Recognitions and special awards of assessors were presented at the solemn ceremony as well. These awards were received by the responsible construction manager of “LNK Industries” JSC Juris Latvels and the project manager’s assistant of “LNK Industries” JSC Ivars Kajins.

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