Flyover over the Nemunas Street in Klaipėda in the Final Stages of Build

Construction companies Latvijas tilti and Kauno keliai have completed the construction of a flyover in Klaipėda, Nemuno Street, located within the seaport territory. The flyover, extending for 330 metres, will connect the city and Klaipėdos Smeltė, allowing companies, working in this part of the seaport, to access terminal without interferences. The newly built flyover will free up this part of the city from traffic jams caused by freight and train traffic into the seaport.

In the coming weeks the structure will be inspected by the State Inspectorate for Territory Planning and Civil Works, the authority which issues certificates of completion. It is expected that all the formalities will be completed by October and the flyover will be opened for exploitation.  

The flyover is part of the seaport infrastructure development project implemented by the Klaipėda Seaport Authority. The total value of the flyover construction works was €4.1m (including value added tax).

“We are pleased that project implementation went on smoothly and the project was completed on time and on budget with no need for extra or unanticipated works and the price having remained as projected. The flyover should facilitate greatly traffic on the Nemuno Street and surrounding streets where previously congestion near the level crossing was a big issue – with the flyover opened up for traffic congestion should become a thing of the past. The project will also contribute to a more environmentally friendly living space for residents,” said Arvydas Vaitkus, General Manager at the Klaipėda Seaport Authority

“Construction works on the flyover were done to very strict schedule – frankly, every minute mattered because of the constant train traffic on five railway tracks as traffic could only be interrupted for short periods of time. Our team is capable to work in so organised and precise manner – result, corresponding plans and expectations, is achieved based on the best technological solutions and 74 years bridge building experience of our company. And I am especially pleased that the newly built flyover is not only stimulating the development of the seaport, but also improves citizens’ living conditions,” explained Aleksandr Milov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at LNK group which owns Latvijas tilti.

It took just under a year for the flyover to be built – works on the site started at the end of December of last year. The flyover including premises is 330 metres long, an equivalent of more than three football pitches length. The overlay structure required 550 tons of metal constructions and 3296 cubic metres of concrete to be built. Metal structures of the overlay were fabricated by subsidiaries of Latvijas tilti. In order to complete the flyover project there was also a need to relocate the engineering networks that were on the site.

“We are keenly waiting for the opening of the flyover so that freight trucks no longer need to waste time in traffic jams at the entrance to the seaport and on departure. Better conditions will be created to serve clients of seaport’s companies after the new flyover is opened for exploitation as the time, required to access and leave loading terminal, will be reduced significantly,” said Rimantas Juška, General Manager at LKAB Klaipėdos Smeltė.

Latvijas tilti and Kauno keliai built the flyover on the Nemunas Street in Klaipėda having been awarded the contract by the Klaipėda Seaport Authority. The two companies had offered the lowest price to beat six other competitors in the tender. The price offered by Latvijas tilti and Kauno keliai was 27 per cent, or €1.54m, lower compared to the bid ranked second.


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