LNK Industries EKO consortium wins the tender organized by Ventspils Freeport Authority

LNK Industries EKO consortium which includes LNK Group companies LNK Industries Ltd. and Latvijas tilti Jsc., has won the tender for dismantling of the first pier of Ventspils Freeport and has signed the agreement with Ventspils Freeport Authority. The order amounts to LVL 4,159,132 (excl. VAT) and the portion of this work to be carried out by LNK Industries Ltd. and Latvijas tilti Jsc. accounts for some 69% (LVL 2,859,132 (excl. VAT)). It is expected that dismantling of the pier will commence in this February.

LNK Industries Ltd. and Latvijas tilti Jsc. will be responsible for dismantling the pier and building the coast-protecting structure. Other members of LNK Industries EKO consortium, i.e. EKO OSTA Ltd., BAO Jsc. and Ambervivus Ltd. will conduct treatment, utilization and removal of the ground and constructions.

"In addition to construction of bridges and overpasses, building of civil engineering objects and fully equipped plants, LNK Industries Ltd. and Latvijas tilti Jsc. have lately become increasingly involved in hydro technical building in ports.  By way of example, we are currently in the process of building modern cargo and passenger terminals in the port of Klaipeda as well as completing two terminal building projects in the Riga Freeport" explains Artjoms Milovs, Chairman of the Board of LNK Industries Ltd. 

About Latvijas tilti Jsc.
Latvijas tilti Jsc., an entity within the LNK Group, which is a part of the LNK Industries building and production group, is one of the biggest building companies in Latvia specializing in construction and reconstruction of bridges, road overpasses and tunnels as well as reconstruction and building of marine piers and coast-protection structures.

About LNK Industries Ltd.
LNK Industries, one of the companies within LNK Group holding, is specialising in the building of comprehensive construction and manufacturing projects. LNK Industries integrate the construction of infrastructure, industrial and civil engineering objects and the development of conveyance technology systems, thus guaranteeing the building of industrial objects (production complexes, terminals, etc.) from A to Z (from project development to putting into operation).