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Aloja Business Centre

Location: 62 Kr. Valdemara, Riga, Latvia
Status: The building was put in commission in May 2009.

Description of the project: Modern class A office centre with total area of 15,000 m2. Alojas Biznesa Centrs uses unique technological solutions, making the building more environmentally friendly and energy-saving (Alojas Biznesa Centrs has received a green certificate for the building's compliance with all ecological and energy-saving standards, as well as in 2012, the building was awarded the prize as the most energy-efficient building in Latvia in 2011). A number of automated building management and energy-saving technologies are introduced here, which significantly affects consumption of various resources (heat, electricity, etc.). When constructing the Alojas Biznesa Centrs, for the first time in the history of Latvia, in such dense urban development area the underground parking lot for 180 cars was arranged on three floors at the depth of 18 metres.