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State Police and Riga Municipal Police station

Location: 33a Sturmanu Street, Bolderaja
Status: The project put into commission
About: The single-storey building with a total floor space of 513 square metres has 40 rooms, most of them designated for the police staff, as well as two temporary detention wards, interrogation room and detention room, and also a boiler room, server room and showers. The building can take in 100 people, the staff inclusive.
In the office premises, the height of ceiling is approximately 2.7 m, while in some individual rooms the ceiling is even 4.4 m high. To let more daylight into the rooms, they have overhead windows installed. Walls are built from concrete panels filled up with 192 cubic metres of concrete. The ground of the building is borne by a concrete slab of the amount of 200 square metres.  The roof of the building is steel structures with the total weight 16.8 tons.
The premises of the new police station building for the State Police and Municipal Police is 2541 square metres in size, comprising 15 parking places for the police and 10 for the visitors. The yard is paved in an area of 1120 square metres, and landscaping has been done for an area of 624 square metres.