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Two bridges over the Pirita River, Nehatu

Location: Nehatu village on the border with Tallinn, Estonia

About: The period of construction of the bridge is divided into four stages. This ensures uniform traffic, as well as the possibility of dismantling old bridges and building new ones.

1st stage

A temporary bridge and an asphalted bypass road are built next to the existing two bridges in the lower reaches of the river.

2nd stage

Narva-Tallinn traffic is redirected to the temporary bridge and bypass road. Traffic in the Tallinn-Narva direction is redirected to the Nehatu 2 bridge currently ensuring traffic in the Narva-Tallinn direction. Thus, the Nehatu 1 bridge (currently providing traffic in the Tallinn-Narva direction) and its access ways will be freed of vehicles.

3rd stage

All traffic in the Tallinn-Narva and Narva-Tallinn directions occurring at stage 2 is redirected to the new wide Nehatu 1 bridge. Thus, the Nehatu 2 bridge and its access ways will be freed of vehicles. The temporary bridge will be dismantled. A new Nehatu 2 bridge and its access ways will be built.

4th stage

Both bridges and their access ways are built and traffic is happening in both directions via 3 +3 lanes. In accordance with the permanent traffic scheme for Tallinn-Narva direction, the road shall be converted from four-lane into three-lane at 3 stage.