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reconstruction of historical building on Alberta St.

Location: 5 Alberta Street, Riga, Latvia
Status: Reconstruction in progress
About: House on 5 Alberta Street rises 22,8 m in height and has 6 floors with total area of 2932 m2. General construction and finishing works in volume of 3719 m3 will be carried out during the reconstruction. This includes restoration of building’s facade and interior, as well as construction of internal and external utility networks. After the reconstruction, one wing of the residential building will host 30 luxurious 50 to 90 m2 apartments, while the other one will host 2 studio type apartments.
During the reconstruction, the building will be connected to municipal utilities. Reconstructed building will have 3 new elevators, one of which will be placed separately in the inner yard to preserve the historical planning of the main facade, but 2 others – in side bulks. Historical planning of the house will also be preserved; consequently, the entrance to the apartments will be located in the main stairwell.