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Ferroconcrete structures

Production of ferroconcrete (reinforced concrete) structures is the very basis of the contemporary building industry, which is true with regard to infrastructure, industrial or public construction projects alike. Prefabrication of structures at a plant cuts down the assembly costs and shortens the production period.

LNK Industries manufactures reinforced concrete structures, both for its own projects and on commission by offering a wide range of standard products, manufactures ferroconcrete structures such as prism piles, panels and slabs for building and bridge construction. We also produce non-standard customised reinforced concrete structures, such as borders, barriers, staircases, etc., and guarantee the manufacturing of any structure precisely, according to the customer's specifications.

The production facilities take up an area of 5,000 sq. metres and have their own concrete plant and a special specimen testing laboratory. We have equipment at our disposal for the manufacturing of steel frames, casing for standard and non-standard reinforced concrete items as well as steaming chambers. 25 people are employed in production.