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Waste management complex Getliņi EKO

Location: 57 Kaudzisu Street, Rumbula, Stopini District, LV-2121, Latvia

About the project: In 2001, AS LATVIJAS TILTI, a company of the LNK Industries construction and production group, by the order of SIA Getliņi EKO and design of SIA Geo Consultants and Swedish company SWECO, has implemented the first stage of conservation of the waste landfill of 35 hectare created during the Soviet Union time, in order to prevent environmental pollution in the old part of the waste landfill and ensure environmentally-friendly waste management according to international standards, as well as create an alternative energy source. AS LATVIJAS TILTI is the first company, which began implementation of the reclamation project in Latvia. The Getliņi EKO project implemented in Stopinu Region has no equivalent in Latvia in terms of scale. Nowadays, this technology is widely used in a number of countries around the world, especially in the Scandinavian countries, making it possible to manage waste in environmentally-friendly way and at the same time to use the territory both for alternative energy production and for livestock growing and agricultural work. The works executed by AS LATVIJAS TILTI included waste levelling and creation of the protective layer of clay above the waste of 0.5 metre thick with a total volume of 180,000 m3, thus preventing the escape of harmful gases into the environment. The protective layer is covered with soil and grass is planted on it to provide a visually appealing environment design and functionality – the possibility to grow plants or feed cattle. A so called foot drain is arranged around the mountain of waste that serves as a barrier to the shallow groundwater contamination. The company has also made 172 vertical drill holes to a depth of 30 m with diameter up to 50 cm, as well as installed the pipeline that connects the holes with gas power station. Gases that appear as a result of the waste biodegradation are isolated from the environment, delivered to the power unit by the pipeline system and burned in internal combustion engines, which provide production of alternative electrical energy and thermal energy for economic activities, including heating of greenhouses. Four gas regulation stations have been installed to ensure high-quality gas composition. AS LATVIJAS TILTI has also implemented construction of IB and IIIA biodegradation cells. Waste is kept and biogas energy is produced in 90x180 m large, moisture-proof biodegradation cells.