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TTS (Transportation technology systems) plant

Location: 60 Darzciema Street, Riga, Latvia

Description:  Metal structures are being produced in the workshops of LNK Industries for our own projects as well as made on commission for bridges, frames of marine constructions (wharves and piers), ironworks for production facilities and civil engineering projects.
The production facilities are located in Riga and encompass an area of 10,000 sq. metres. They boast modern welding equipment, including automatic welding machines, semi-automatic machines and robots, automatic metal processing and metal cutting machines, as well as large capacity painting and shot blasting chambers, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. We employ 50 welders with international certificates to carry out demanding tasks.
Production facilities have cranes at their disposal with a hoisting capacity of up to 30 tons. Railway spur tracks with our own shunting engines and the proximity of motorways facilitate the delivery of any production to the site.
To guarantee both the accuracy and efficiency of assembling works on the customer’s site, in particularly challenging circumstances, our specialists perform an on-site test assembly of complex items to elaborate the end assembling technologies down to the minor details.